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Top 11 things to bring on your glamping trip


Top 11 things to bring on your
next glamping trip.


1. Cosy layers of clothing that you don’t mind when it smells of wood ash from the fire pit

2. Torch, headtorch so you have a hand free to hold your glass of your favourite drink or you are walking back from the pub

3. Trainers, not your glistening white ones, but ones you can throw on and have a little wander around Acorn Glade regardless of a muddy patch or goose parcels. Your wellies are always good too, along with a poncho or rain coat for pesky showers, but don’t let it dampen your enthusiasm

4. Your favourite things to eat that are simple to prepare and share together plus Marshmallows to be toasted on the fire pit

5. Your favourite drinks that can be cooled in the drinks cooler or hot chocolate that can be prepared in the Chicken shed or in the cabins

6. That book , magazine or crossword youve been wanting to read/complete

7. Not too many clothes, Jarmas and a dressing gown or thick fluffy tops that double as a blanket. No one is judging you; wear exactly what you feel the comfiest in, you probably won’t want to leave the site once you are here and relaxing. Elasticated waists are the way forward

8. Creams, Mossy spray or cream, the swallows don’t manage to eat them all. Sun cream for those days you lay back in the deck chair for an afternoon nap. Moisturiser, that’s all you need; no make-up or grooming enhancement  is necessary. Your medication for the duration of your stay

9. Blankets/rugs warm socks so you can cosy up in the evening on your veranda with the one you love.

10. A sense of adventure, change is a constant.

11. Ooh and your toothbrush!