Acorn Glade glamping York

We are OPEN throughout 2022

Our Covid-19 Policy Statement:

We aim to follow the UK government guidance for accommodation sites wherever possible.

The safety of our guests is our most important priority. We hope that the hygiene and distancing protocols we have developed for Acorn Glade, as precautions against the transmission of COVID-19, will reassure all of our guests that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone on our site.  We ask that all guests respect these protocols during their visit and help minimise any concerns which other guests sharing the site with you, may have.

We aim to ensure that you enjoy a relaxed, pleasurable and well-deserved break with us at Acorn Glade.

Acorn Glade will:

  • request that all guests maintain a minimum 2 metre distance from those guests who they are not sharing accommodation with, or who are not from the same main household,
  • assist everyone in the distancing and hygiene protocols by aiming to limit our bookings to 50-75% capacity for the foreseeable future. The exception to this may be when guests are from the same family household or group or who have booked the whole site,
  • Guests are, as usual, required to check in on Fridays, Monday’s and Wednesday’s to help reduce disruption whilst changeovers and cleaning of the site is being carried out,
  • carry out a thorough clean of each accommodation unit following the departure of each guest,
  • carry out a “high touch” area each day. This will include door handles, table tops, as well as bathrooms, catering and other shared areas,
  • launder our bed linen in-house, using the latest machinery capable of high temperature washing. We steam iron all of our linen and rotate its use to ensure it is not re-used within two weeks,
  • carry out our cleaning and maintenance wearing gloves and masks when on site,
  • provide a personal “welcome pack” (one for each accommodation unit) containing essential cleaning items and disposable bags.
  • provide hydro-alcoholic hand sanitiser and paper towels at various points on site,
  • provide dedicated or minimum shared toilet and shower facilities for couples whilst on site,
  • provide additional BBQ facilities to ensure that there are alternatives to the kitchen area for food preparation,
  • request that guests use common sense and act courteously towards others when planning to use the kitchen and food preparation areas. This may include the use of a rota-based scheme or allocated times for the use of the kitchen area,
  • provide dedicated flatware (cutlery, plates and dishes etc) in each accommodation unit to minimise the need to share such items with other guests (note: heating or cooking food within the units is strictly forbidden for safety reasons).

Other Information:

  1. We encourage all guests to consider bringing their own supply of items such as hand gel, biodegradable wipes, towels, hand towels and perhaps soft items such as rugs, cushions and pillows, should you feel reassured in having these for your own personal use.
  2. We will greet all guests in person upon arrival to provide a tour of the facilities, as well as a summary of the COVID protocols which may apply at the time of your visit.
  3. Acorn Glade has developed a Risk Assessment of the various COVID 19 related risks and the measures which will be in place to help reduce the risk of transmission. Acorn Glade reserves the right to amend the measures it has in place at any time.
  4. If you develop any symptoms of COVID before your visit please do not travel to our site and let us know that your plans have changed. If you feel ill with symptoms during your visit we recommend that you phone the NHS on 111 and follow the UK guidance by returning to your home as quickly as possible to self-isolate.
  5. Acorn Glade will not be held responsible for any guests who do not conform to our COVID protocols or the UK government guidance. Guests who do not act in accordance with our COVID protocols may be asked to leave the site and their booking made void.
  6. Acorn Glade will not be held responsible for any guests contracting any illness, including COVID-19, whilst staying with us.

Our aim is to continue to offer our guests the perfect romantic retreat to help you escape, relax and reconnect in peace and safety.

We look forward to welcoming you to Acorn Glade very soon.