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A recipe for you....

This is a recipe for you:

This is not bake off though.

This is a recipe for you

What you need


2 people who care about each other a lot

2 careers

Children it doesn’t matter about size


Deadlines aplenty

Other hobbies and other people’s hobbies






Take the two people who are together and mix in the very busy work life being sure to beat together well, this may take a while as there will be lumps.

Add a couple of heaped tablespoons of children, they don’t need to be homegrown, they may be grand ones or other people’s ones.

As a good spice add the wider family; this input is valuable to enrich the sauce.

Hobbies help to combine all the ingredients together possibly with a good taxi service thrown in.

Finally, sprinkle a little mindset when everything has thickened.

Notice we haven’t added time because you may not feel the need for it?


This recipe is called life


It makes a perfect bowl of overwhelmingly good, tiring, over cooked Octopus tentacles that have to be everywhere at all times. If it is too dry cracks may form.


Cracks are GOOD

Because that’s when the light shines through and the realisation:  the need to sweeten life up.


So as a dessert:

Whisk up a cheeky romantic weekend away together using the wider family to stand in to avoid adding children

Head off to a new adventure in an off-grid retreat Yurt, Roundhouses and log cabins are your choice to add to the flavour

This should be sumptuously decorated with the knowledge you will have time (oh there it is) space and tranquillity

This is best had with your favourite lightly chilled tipple plus a cuddle sat next to the cosy log burner in your very own log cabin or yurt away from everything and everyone.


PS don’t forget to put down the distracting niggly digital rectangle that lights up every few minutes to order you about. Trust me, you don’t need it when you come to stay at Acorn Glade Glamping retreat.


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We really look forward to welcoming you and let nature wrap you in her arms.