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Why You'll Love Hopping Over to Melbourne, York To Experience Something Unique

Nestled in the picturesque Vale Of York is Acorn Glade Glamping where you will  find a special group of residents who capture the hearts of all who encounter them: WALLABIES. 

 Plus 7 Fun Facts about these marvellous Marsupials

A bit of history... 

How on earth did we end up with Wallabies?

We have been very fortunate to be custodians of our mob (a collective of wallabies is known a s a mob- pub quizzers take note!) since 2009.

We lived pretty much next door to a beautiful Grade 1 listed estate in West Sussex called Leonardslee, (its probably our favourite gardens in the world).

The estate is famous for  its magnificent  plant collections...and a large mob of wallabies- reputedly, the first such collection to arrive in the UK in the late 19th century.

When the estate was sold in the mid 2000s  we were asked if we would like a few wallabies to look after. So, with due pressure from our daughter and following the rapid construction of a large paddock with suitable fencing and shelters, five Bennetts' wallabies duly arrived  in the back of a horse box and happily took up residence in their new home.

And there they lived...and bred.... 

Leonardslee was sold again to the delightful current owners who have since reopened the gardens to the public (thank goodness). We felt it only right that some of our now eleven wallabies returned to their rightful home as so many people were asking about them and where they had gone.

After ten years we decided to have a complete lifestyle change away from the busy corporate world and relocated to our new slow- living chapter at Acorn Glade, Melbourne, Yorkshire. 

What better place name in the UK to have Wallabies? 

We will talk about how we moved our wallabies (and our lovely alpacas) in a later blog Its a sort worth looking out for!


These bouncing bundles of magic aren't just a wonderful addition to our retreat: they are living ambassadors of Tasmania's unique ecosystem and their presence certainly enriches the experience of every guest.

This is a new feature which will appear here enabling you to keep up to date with the latest antics from these beautiful creatures whom you could  have the opportunity to meet during your stay  at Acorn Glade, your eco friendly,  Grown-ups unique escape.

7 Fun facts about bouncy  Wallabies

  1. The species here at Acorn Glade are known as Bennett's 

 They are more commonly known as red-necked wallabies due                  to their radish-cloured fur which appears behind their necks.

      2.   The scientific name for                 Bennett's wallabies is Macropus Rufogriseus literally "long foot"  and 'red-grey haired" 

 They are also referred to as Macropods (big Foot)

      3."Wallaby" is a generic term for              many different species of Macropods

There are thought to be around 30 different types of wallaby. Bennett's are the largest and normally grow to be between 10 and 18 KGs in weight- similar to a medium sized dog. Some males have been known to grow much bigger and can measure up to 178cm in length from head to tip of the tail! They are , of course closely related to Kangaroos.

      4. We should mention..... 

if you haven't already guessed....

They are not ideal pets. Handling a wallaby can be a challenge~ Ice have learned through experience that their song back legs can give you quite a kick! and there nails are super sharp. we have spent a huge amount of time researching and learning how to care for these wonderful creatures with out wanting to make them cuddly pets but respecting them as the animals they are.

      5. Compared to the wild their life span is around 6-8 years ,

here they can live up to 20 years free from predators

      6. Wallabies communicate using a series of grunts coughs and clicks.

When they feel under threat they will set off at terrific speed and thump the ground hard to alert the rest of the mob

      7. They originate from Tasmania the island off of the south west coast of Australia which as a similar climate to the UK.

So our weather holds few surprises- though we have noticed that high winds can make them rather skittish.

We hope this has sparked your curiosity

Watch this space for more on these fascinating wallabies

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